Root Canal Therapy

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Dr. Maltais offers services for all root canals, ranging from simple to complex.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure in which the infected tissue is removed from the inside of the affected tooth. A root canal might be necessary if a tooth has developed, or is very likely to develop, an infection in its inner soft tissue.

What happens when I get a root canal?

At St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre, we'll begin your root canal therapy by applying a local anaesthetic. The dentist will then proceed to remove the infected pulp from your tooth. Once the infected pulp has been completely extracted, we will apply dental material to fill in the hollow area in the tooth.

We will also typically place a crown over the infected tooth in order to strengthen the structure and protect the tooth from future damage.

What types of discomfort might I experience with a root canal?

Most often, our patients do not experience much discomfort after a root canal, although there may be some minor tenderness for a short while after the procedure.

If you would like more information on root canal therapy, contact us today.

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