Dr. Amadou loves every aspect of general dentistry and the health and wellness of her Ottawa patients always remain the top priority.

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Dr. Amadou studied first in Niger, her natal home before obtaining a grant for her outstanding work to pursue her study in dentistry at the University Mohamed V de Rabat in Morocco, and then in France at the University Claude Bernard Lyon, Rockefeller.

When she arrived in Canada in 2010, she obtained a diploma equivalent to her studies in dentistry from the National Dental Examining Board of Canada to get her license to practice in Canada.

Always willing to expand her knowledge, Dr. Amadou participated in many formations when she came to Canada, with hands-on courses from simple restorations, prosthetic, endodontics (root canal treatment) and surgical dentistry. It was during this time that she developed a passion for implants & wisdom teeth extractions. She also took courses in oral sedation and medical emergencies at the University of Toronto, so she can provide a safe and relaxing environment for all her patients.

Dr. Amadou loves every aspect of general dentistry and the health and wellness of her patients always remain the top priority.

Dr. Amadou believes that everybody deserves to have good oral health. To make this happen, she developed a project on oral health from 2011 to 2014 for autistic people in collaboration with the University of Quebec in the Outaouais region and the Pavillon du Parc. The program consists of helping autistic patients become more receptive to dental care in a dental office and teaches them how to take good care of their own oral hygiene.

Dr. Amadou is a member of the Canadian Dental Association, Ontario Dental Association, Ottawa Dental Society, and Quebec’s Dentist Order.

Aside from her professional career in dentistry, she enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her three handsome sons and her husband.

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