At St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre in Ottawa, we offer a range of cosmetic dental services including teeth whitening, veneers, and full mouth restorations. 

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Teeth Whitening in Ottawa

We provide in-office and at-home teeth whitening services as an aesthetic option for discoloured teeth to lighten the colour of your smile. 

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Porcelain Veneers in Ottawa

To improve the appearance of teeth that have become dark, stained, discoloured or crooked, our dentist may recommend dental veneers.

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Full Mouth Restorations in Ottawa

If there are a variety of dental problems to contend with, we can combine multiple restorative dental procedures to help restore your smile.

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Invisalign in Ottawa

In addition to improving your oral health, Invisalign clear custom aligners can help  improve the aesthetics of your smile. 

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  • Full Mouth Restoration in Ottawa

    At St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre in Ottawa, we can combine several cosmetic procedures for our patients.
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  • Porcelain Veneers in Ottawa

    Our dentists use veneers which can cover specific teeth that might be considered dark, stained, discoloured and/or crooked.
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  • Teeth Whitening in Ottawa

    If you are noticing that your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, you are not alone. Come see our Ottawa team at St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre to learn about our in-office and at-home teeth whitening options. Request Appointment Why teeth whitening? Professional teeth whitening can be an effective, safe way to remove stains and lighten the colour of...
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From the Blog

Here we share resources, tips and advice for your dental health.

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Why Does My Tooth Hurt? 5 Possible Answers

If tooth or gum pain is plaguing you, contact your dentist immediately to schedule an appointment. In this post, our Orléans dentists explain some possible reasons for your pain and what you can do until you get to the dentist.

Dentistry for the Entire Family: How Dental Services Differ by Age

Your family's dental needs will change as they progress through different stages of life. In this post, our Orléans dentists explain the ins and outs of family dentistry and how we help kids, teens, adults and seniors keep their smiles healthy.

How to Avoid Needing a Root Canal

While a root canal is an effective way to treat an infected tooth, it's always best to avoid needing one in the first place! We believe prevention is the first line of defence. Here, our Orléans dentists explain how you can avoid needing a root canal.

New Patients Welcome

At St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre, we're always happy to accept new patients into our dental family. Contact us to get started today. 

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