General Dentistry

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St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre is proud to offer a range of general dentistry services to our patients in the Orleans area of Ottawa.

Operative Dentistry

We offer comprehensive fillings for cavities at St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre, to repair decay or cracks in teeth, and to prevent decay from further spreading. > Learn More

Dental Hygiene

At St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre in Ottawa, we offer routine dental hygiene and examinations to all of our patients by our dental hygienists. > Learn More

Gum Therapy

At St. Joseph Orleans Dental Centre we know that gum disease affects many patients throughout their lives. We want to help prevent gum disease through regular appointments combined with at-home maintenance. > Learn More

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to repair damaged teeth, and provide both structure and support. > Learn More

Dental Bridges

You can trust our team to provide you with comprehensive treatments for your dental bridges. > Learn More

Root Canal Therapy

When they inner soft tissue of a tooth becomes infected, a root canal is performed to save the tooth. > Learn More


We offer full and partial dentures to patients who require various levels of tooth replacement. > Learn More

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